It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s grilling season!  This is my favorite time of the year.  This is when I can get real creative and do a lot of meal prep on Sundays.  I love to fire the grill up and precook as many things as I can.  This week I was able to prep 2 meals on the grill and cook dinner for that night as well….that is a total of 3 meals in one shot.  We made it to the spring sale of charcoal at Home Depot, we stocked up for the season.  We will probably make it through all this charcoal by fall….here we go….

Meal Plan for the Week:

Sunday – App – Lazy Grilled Jalapeno Poppers Dinner - Grilled Shrimp & Cilantro Lime Rice

Monday – Sports practice – on your own

Tuesday – Spicy Grilled Chicken Salad

Wednesday – Tacos

Thursday – Southwest Chicken Eggrolls


Grilled Shrimp & Cilantro Lime Rice

I like my shrimp in a simple butter, garlic and seasonings.  Brian likes his shrimp with BBQ sauce.  Both make an awesome dinner.  To complement this dish we make our own version of Chipotle cilantro lime rice.  Thanks Chipotle 😊 


Butter/Garlic Shrimp

½ tbsp. butter melted

1-2 cloves pressed or chopped garlic

1-2 tsp your favorite seasoning salt

BBQ Shrimp

Coat the shrimp with your favorite BBQ sauce

Cilantro Lime Rice

Prepare 1 cup of cooked rice, follow directions.  If you make raw rice (not the minute rice) I have found the secret is to follow the directions to the ‘T’.  If it says something is optional (like salt or butter) do NOT opt out, use it.  Other wise you will end up with soggy or sticky rice.  We tried one of those rice cookers…they are not worth it, we returned it about as fast as we bought it. 

Once you have the rice made add the juice from at least one lime, ½ cup chopped cilantro and some additional salt.  This really is one of those dishes that you have to add things to taste, add more lime, don’t over cilantro, if you want more you can always add it. 

Marinate the shrimp for at least 30 minutes and then cook the on the grill until the shrimp are completely cooked through, they will turn pink.  I like to use metal skewers, they are reusable and the metal helps cook the inside of the shrimp as it gets hot on the grill. 

Once the shrimp are cooked, serve over the rice…it is so yummy!!  We added some grilled onions to the dish.  I am telling ya, the grilled onions are so easy and such an easy accent you can add to so many dishes.  I grill those about every time I fire up the grill, it’s just too easy. 

Spicy Grilled Chicken Salad


Coat the chicken in Italian Salad Dressing, our favorite to use is Seven Seas Viva Italian.  We swear by this particular brand and type of Italian, there are others like zesty or regular Italian, trust me, Viva makes the best marinade.  Add the amount of hot sauce, we use Sriracha, just a touch will do.   Let that marinade for 2 hours up to 24 hours. 

Once soaked for the appropriate time, throw on the grill and cook.  This is something that you can cook on Sunday and use on Thursday if you would like.  Just chop and add to your favorite salad mix. 


Southwest Chicken Eggrolls

We decided to grill the chicken we wanted to put into these.  Why?  Because everything tastes better on the grill…duh doy!  We made up this marinade on the spot as we were talking about what flavors we wanted to use.  We decided on the following ingredients:

2 tbsp. dry ranch mix

½ cup olive oil

½ cup cilantro

3 cloves pressed/chopped garlic

Juice of 1 fresh squeezed lime

Mix all ingredients and let the chicken marinate for 2 – 24 hours. 

Throw this chicken on the grill and cook all the way through.  Cool and place in an air tight container and save for the night you want to cook it. 

When you are ready, take the chicken out of the fridge and dice.  Add diced onion, cilantro and avocado.  Mix all these in a bowl and set aside.  Take an eggroll wrap and evenly divide the mix into the eggrolls,  Wrap the eggrolls tight and seal with water.  You can either bake or fry these eggrolls.  This week I splurged and fried them and holy cow were they good!  I used peanut oil and fried them evenly on all sides until they were golden brown. 

I decided to come up with a fun dip for these.  I added fresh lime juice to some sour cream and it tasted HORRIBLE, it was just awful.  I asked Brian to help me out and together we took the gross lime sour cream and made a delicious dip for our eggrolls.  It was so simple.  We added some dry ranch mix (remember we used this in the marinade) and some taco seasonings to the yucky sour cream and we totally redeemed ourselves (lol).   It was absolutely delicious.  It was one of those dinners where I sat in bed later that night and thought to myself, that dinner was amazing…is that weird?  I don’t care, it was so good.  I love it when I can surprise myself with something so basic. 

I have so many awesome grilling ideas I can’t even wait until I can share them all with you.  Plus, it is getting to the point where we are going to start growing things in the garden.  We already have wild cilantro popping up in our garden…but that is an ingredient for another week.  Ok, I can’t keep it a secret, it is in a recipe next week!!! 

Prep Work on the Grill on Sunday: