Seedling Garden

Brian decided in 2015 that he wanted to start everything in our garden from seed.  This gives him something to do during the winter months and then he says that he is more proud of the product that produces in our garden.  The kids love helping water the plants with the spray bottle, then they help us transplant them into the garden. 

It's all legal, I promise!

Brian starts the seeds in small starter trays and leaves the light on a lot, he will turn it out to give them a break.  He and the kids water the plants and Brian will pull the light up as the plants grow.


Brian added a fan this year to create 'wind'.  This will, in theroy, make the plants stronger.  They willbe  ready for the real wind once they are in the garden.

Our new (non-cry) babies

Basil, tomatoes (cherry, roma and beefy), jalapenos and peppers (red and orange)

Watch Them Grow